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Scope of CA in Pakistan

How to become a CA (Chartered Accounting)?  Charter Accounts work in every kind of business sectors. They are the experts of accounting fields. They audit the small and large business company including Banks, Textiles, Industries, mils and others business sectors(industrial and commercial). After the complete CA with three years and six month article ship the person becomes auditor of Chartered firms.
     The auditor charge permanent fixed fee. The authority who appoints the auditor like Director of company or the members of company or SECP (Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan) that authority fixed the auditor fee. He works as independent his nature of job is not employee. He works as an External auditor not internal auditor. He independents to check all the income statement of company and he can met the customers and employee during the company audit. He can attend the any meeting of company any time. He can check the  Balance sheet and all accounts of company. Instead of it Chartered Accounting can jobs as employee with too much benefits in Banks, industrial organization, commercial organization, companies, business sectors and social sectors.

     To become the Chartered Accounting the students need to be motivated, high thinking capacity, spend full time in study, attempt article ship, gained experience about finance, accountants and taxation instead of it students should be analysis, solve the case problems after case study, experts in economics knowledge about the supply and demand law and experience in future plain. The students need skills about auditing, human behavior, information system and about business Ethic. The students should be expert in economy of Pakistan in this way you become the Chartered Accounting.

  Why we choose the career in Accounting in Pakistan? Chartered Accountancy is a golden career and there are excellent prospects in employment in chartered firms, commercial industries, local industries, and multinational companies, domestic, foreign and international banks. Accounting field has wide range career in every country of the world. Almost companies in Pakistan and whole world demand this professional field. These companies appoint Chartered Accountant with too much benefit and give many resources during the employment. In this way a Chartered Accountant spend peaceful life with many resources of life in this world.    
                                                                                                                                                                   Why we choose ICAP? Institute of Chartered Accounting of Pakistan (ICAP) is the is the main body of Chartered Accounting who the Chartered Accountants for public and industrial sectors. ICAP represents the accountants for private, domestic and international companies, banks, institutes and taxes centers. This institute is the member of IFAC means International Federation of Accountant which is the global organization of accountancy professions. In additional ICAP has approximately 4,000 workers who are working in 35 countries of the world and with thousands of students are joining its prestigious fraternity, we offered approx 300 ambassadors to the local and international market in 2006.The ICAP is the world authentic and recognized Institute many students studies in ICAP and go for foreign jobs with high standards. The head office of ICAP is in Karachi Teen Talwar, Clifton with regional offices Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan. Many academic institutes are registers from these offices work for student’s preparation with normal and affordable fee structure. ICAP sets the papers all over the Pakistan chartered accountants institutes.

Opportunities in Chartered Accountancy

  Highly Scope
               Chartered Accountant has high scope in the business market and in Chartered Firm’s. In the business market Chartered Accountancy certificate is very demand able than others business degree. Chartered Accountant appoint with much benefits in any firm, Social and Business sectors.  Chartered Accountancy has the level of backbone in progressive and in world best organizations.

 Highly Rewarding

             In the world Chartered Accountancy is highly rewarding field. It is not only expected high salaries it also gives you more respect when you audit any company as an auditor. In the market these professional persons charge too much salary with self-respect. Additionally the companies offer for CEO, Directors, Analyzer and top manager with much benefit like good ban glow  Automobile with fuels benefit, security and many other resources of benefits.


               There are many countries involve in Chartered Accountancy field. These countries prepare the students with too much qualification and practice with proper article ship. Chartered Accountancy is marking its own bored. For example if any one want to be auditor in Pakistan then he will pass the four modules in Pakistan then he will join and take proper registration in any firm for practice three year and six month in Pakistan, During this period he will attempt and pass the two other modules E and F after that he will become the auditor and Chartered Accountant of Pakistan. It is compulsory if you want auditor in Pakistan then you will join three year and six month article ship in any Pakistani registered firm in Pakistan. In other way student study here and go for practice any other country of the world in this way they cannot become the auditor in Pakistan. Currently 25 percent of our Chartered Accountants are setting with best profession in 35 courtiers of the world. All these countries accept our Chartered Accountant with best respected views than India Chartered Accountant.

 Equivalent to M.Com

              The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has accepted the Chartered Accountancy equivalent to master degree of commerce. In this way the candidates the candidates can plain for specialization study. The candidates can study more and fulfill their dreams on such basis.

  Increasing Demands

       The demands of Chartered Accountant are rapidly increasing in all market sectors Domestic and International level. The demand of Chartered Accountant is every field may it be industry, banks, social sectors, financial sectors, trade, education institutes and even the social welfares. Chartered Accountancy is demand-able in everywhere.

 How to get the Chartered Accountancy Certificate? 

      All the matter related to the chartered accountant and chartered firms are deals with through the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP).  ICAP is the body which maintains the whole system to makes Chartered Accountant. ICAP established in 9161 through an ordinance and it is responsible to regulate the matter related to education of CA, training of CA and examination of this profession. All the Chartered firms in Pakistan are registered from ICAP. These firms are actually provides the service of auditing of companies and gives professional guidance and advice to others firms, companies.

Candidates who want to enter into this worthwhile profession have divided into two routs first one is Module scheme and last one is Training scheme. First one gives two year period for candidates and last one gives three years and six month period for candidates, in which candidates done their training and gained experience from Chartered firms. In Module system the students having 45 percent marks in intermediate then students can apply for PPT (Pre-entry Proficiency Test). After passing the PPT students will apply for two year registration in ICAP. Then students can continue the study privately or those institutes which are linked to ICAP system. The students will pass the four Modules in two year Module A, B, C and D. After passing these Modules the students will get other registration from ICAP. It will be three years registration in which the students registered in Chartered firms for training, during this period the students will pass the Module E and F after complete training the students will apply for CA certificate in ICAP. ICAP will check their record and CA certificate is offered for them.

Eligibility for PPT
 HSSC with at least 45% marks;
A-Level with minimum two passes;

Second Division in Graduation;
 Exemption from PPT
 HSSC with at least 60% marks;

 A-Level with minimum passes two Cs;
 Graduation with 1st Division;
 Post Graduation depends on the quality of students and their intelligence.

   Exemption of CA papers;

   Exemption for HSSC candidates;
   Exemption from papers of A1,A2 and B3

Minimum 70% marks in aggregate; and minimum 60% marks in relevant papers (A1, A2 and B3) in which the candidates have appeared.                                                                                                     Exemption from specific papers (A1,A2 and B3)
Minimum 70% marks in aggregate and minimum 60% marks in relevant papers in which the students have appeared.
Minimum 75% marks in relevant papers in which the students seeking the exemption; and 70% marks match in course content of relevant papers
Exemption for A-Level students;
1.      Exemption from papers A1, A2 and B3;
Minimum two Bs on an over all basis; and minimum C in relevant papers in which the candidates have appeared.
2        Exemption from specific papers A1, A2 and B3
Minimum two Bs on an over all basis;
And minimum C in relevant papers in which the students have appeared;
Minimum B in relevant papers from which the candidates are seeking Exemption; and 70% match in course content of relevant papers.
 Exemption for graduate and Post graduate;
1        Exemption from particular papers Module A and B;

      Graduates (4-years Degree or foreign graduate 3-years Degree) Post graduates from recognized universities.

Minimum 70% marks in relevant papers of Module A and B from which the candidates are seeking exemption; and 70% marks match in course content of relevant papers.

·        Institutes of Chartered Accountancy;

·        ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants  and Wales)

·        ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland)

·        ICAS (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland)

·        ICAA(The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)

·        CICA(The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants)

Others professional Chartered Certificates;

1.      ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
2.      CIMA(Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
3.      ICMAP(Institute of Cost and Management Accountants in Pakistan)

PIP FA Candidates will take final Examination of Module E and F with complete training Chartered firm in Pakistan.

More Accountancy related Institutes;

  • ICAP( Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan)
  • PAA(Professional Association of Accountants)
  • CCAB(Consultative Committee of Accountant Bodies)
  • IFA(International Federation of Accountants)
  • CIMA(The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) UK
  • BCAI(British Chartered Accountants Institute)
  • CCA(Chartered Certified Accountants)
  • AAPA(Association of Authorized of Public Accountants)

Preparation Academic Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan;

·        CFE
·        PAC
·        SKANS
·        CAMS
·        Aureole Training
·        AL-Hamd
·        TSA


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  6. Dear ICAP policies and exemption pattern can be confirmed from ICAP because their policies are different now a day if you done BBA hon.from IBA then your 100% EXEMPTION Module A to D only you will attempt E and F during the training

  7. Dear ICAP policies and exemption pattern can be confirmed from ICAP because their policies are different now a day if you done BBA hon.from IBA then your 100% EXEMPTION Module A to D only you will attempt E and F during the training

  8. I posted a new policy of ICAP in my website for business administration students kindly read and increase your knowledge

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